Electric Hybrid Cars – Yah, Well Where Are You Going to Put All Those Old Batteries I Ask?

It’s not that I don’t like the idea of electric cars, it does sound nice and having owned a golf cart in a town which allowed folks to drive them on the street, I enjoyed traveling down to the local Starbucks or grocery store on occasion. Still, something which has always bothered me, and something we often talk about in our think tank is what do you do with all the old batteries from all of the electric cars that people will be buying. That is if electric cars ever catch on, and there have been several false starts in decades past.

If you talk to someone who is an evangelical over the concept of the electric car they will tell you that the batteries can be recycled, rejuvenated, and continually reused. However nothing lasts forever, and to state that it might would be simply denying the laws of physics. The reality is that eventually these components will corrode, deteriorate, and decay. At that point they will be thrown out, and will not be available for recycle, and they will end up in landfills.

Still, there are so many people who deny this and say that we can continually recycle these batteries forever. Yes, that is a beautiful and wonderful concept, and it is the correct environmentally friendly answer to this very important question, unfortunately it is incorrect. Okay so let’s talk a little bit more about this and take it to a higher level shall we?

An interesting paper to read on this subject might be; “The ecological impact of batteries,” by Colleen Dillon of written way back in August of 1994 in fact. The abstracts states;

“There is still much that needs to be known about the specific problems that are presented to the ecosystem as a result of battery disposal in landfills. This report explores the various effects that the toxic metals in batteries (specifically mercury, cadmium, lead, nickel, zinc, and lithium) have on the entire ecosystem, detailing the damages that these metals may cause to the human body. The most predominant effects that these metals have on humans include neurological damage, kidney damage, birth defects, and cancer.”

Lots of questions, not many real answers – in fact for the most part we still don’t know the answers to these pertinent questions here. What I ask is that you come up with a real strategy, one which will work, and one which will prevent the batteries of the 15 to 17 million cars that we build in the United States each and every year, that is if we were to build only electric cars, from being thrown into our already over intoxicated landfills. Answer me that. Please consider all this and think on it.

KIA Motors Shows Off Its Family Sized Hybrid SUV! KIA Has Come A Long Way!

While all the major automobile makers like Mercedes and Volkswagen are busy launching and unveiling their concept SUVs, the South Korean company Kia also developed and launched its very own concept SUV at the 2013 Chicago Motor show. Kia Motors is known for being the second largest South Korean automobile manufacturer after Hyundai. The company unveiled its Kia Cross GT Concept SUV, which was undoubtedly one of the most stylish cars that were revealed during the entire motor show! Besides being stylish, the concept is also quite practical as it features a hybrid plug in drive, ensuring the car’s position in the future certain, if it goes under production.

Now one of the most important points that we must state here is that unlike most of the electric hybrid SUVs that are coming up recently, the Kia Cross GT concept is a full size family SUV. Yes, it features a third row of seats as well! This means that the Cross GT will take a place above the Kia Sorento, the company’s popular mid-sized crossover SUV. Consequently, the concept is longer by 8.4 inches and wider by 4.9 inches. The SUV will face competition from other SUVs of the same category which includes names like Chevrolet Traverse and Honda Pilot.

Coming to the amazing hybridisation principles that the concept uses, we must say that the vehicle features a pretty brutal engine! Well, we couldn’t find a better adjective for the 3800cc V6 engine that grumbles beneath the SUV’s hood. The engine is perfectly capable of producing a power of 333 horsepower and a torque of 291 lb. – ft. However, this is when the electric hybridisation system is not incorporated. Bring in the hybrid plug in and experience the 400 horsepower power blast that the combination brings to you! And if you thought that this was enough, then the fact that this crazy combination is further paired with a crazy eight speed automatic transmission system will merely blow your mind off! We would also like to mention that if you run out of gas and you have to get your tank refilled, then you better find a gas station within a radius of 20 miles as that is as far as the vehicle can go if running solely on electricity.

The Cross GT Concept not only aims towards a better environmental protection by using a hybrid plug in drive, but it also does so by making extensive use of environment-friendly material for the interiors. Now this doesn’t mean that the interiors lack class! Enter the cabin and find all the luxurious innovations that the company has carried out with the environment-friendly materials!

Did we say anything about the exteriors? No? Well, have a look yourself and then ponder over the fact that how great a job has the South Korean company done! With the beautiful grill and the bold LED headlights, the vehicle looks spectacular! Also, the rear looks of the concept are equally impressive. We also liked the air vents that are mounted on the sides of the vehicle. But the one thing that made us fall in live with the concept is the multi-panel skylight present on the roof, which incorporates uniquely shaped glass panels! We do hope that we see the beast on streets soon!