Why Should You Use Genuine Subaru Parts to Service Your Car?

Your Subaru vehicle is no ordinary vehicle, it is a performance vehicle. So for your extraordinary car you need a great service. Contact your Subaru dealer to service your car with genuine Subaru parts. There are no replacements for them. Your dealers will be extremely helpful to assist you with their knowledge in this segment. Take pride in possessing your car.

Get the performance Subaru parts to enjoy your ride to any destination better. The parts are equipped to handle any kind of duress, be it climatic or physical. So if any damage or need to replace the parts arise, get it replaced with genuine parts and do not compromise with the performance and the look of the car.

A Subaru boxer engine delivers high performance. They have different output level which caters to your requirements just too well. The characteristic of sharp handling and butter smooth operation is common to all of them, which make the drive absolutely heavenly.

The Subaru boxer engine with a capacity of 2.5 liter 4-cylinder model supplies a 170 hp power for a confident and undaunted drive. Its horizontal opposed design has made the handling of the vehicle look very calm and poised. All these features make the car use the fuel very efficiently. Such a part can never be replaced with any other parts other than genuine Subaru parts. So do not compromise the control.

Going for aftermarket parts will not be a wise thing to do. If you are not clear with the concept of aftermarket parts then let me explain it to you in simple words. Aftermarket parts are some of the parts manufactured and supplied by companies other than the original company to which your car belongs. In an aftermarket part company, the aim is to produce parts which can be fixed as a replacement to the other genuine parts of your car.

They are cheaper than the original parts definitely. They are manufactured with the aim of delivering the same performance by keeping all the specifications same. But the design is not same as it is not possible to achieve. For this reason they are some differences between OEM parts and aftermarket parts.

This will be quite evident when you are driving your car after getting a replacement done. They are purchased with the hope of getting the same performance, which is no more possible. So I would advise you not to compromise, because however hard these companies strive they will never be able to achieve that perfection and look of your car.

For any replacement of your dearest Subaru vehicle, contact your local Subaru dealership to get the parts replaced with genuine Subaru parts.

Science Education and Art Education: The Perfect Pair

After years of touting the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics ) educational programs, many teachers are discovering that by adding an “A” –for ART– student learning will pick up STEAM! This latest understanding of how students learn is changing science education by adding Art education back into the mix. This integrated education approach is developing a proven track record and being incorporated into public, private and homeschool education.

At its inception, the STEM bill authorized over 150 million to help students earn a bachelor’s degrees and teaching credentials. It also provided millions in additional money to help align kindergarten through grade 12 math and science curricula to better prepare students for college.

Now years later, people are asking questions like: Why are math and science viewed as standalone modalities? Why have so many schools dropped Arts education from their curriculum?

For too long, we have wrongly believed that Science and Art education were separate disciplines that demanded different teaching methods. However, now we know that Science and Art, as well as Math and Music are intrinsically related!

Educational researchers are recognizing that it is important to integrate all modalities into STEM lessons. By broadly using an integrated education curriculum, students are able to see how science education is important to aspects of everyday life. Integrated education also affords the opportunity for real-world application of the math and science education knowledge.

The use of Art as the glue that bonds these modalities shows students how form and function are guiding principles. Art is not merely illustrative or decorative, but represents an essential part of the process of inquiry, such as problem finding, problem solving, and communication.

The fervor that propels people to excel at mathematics and science education or engineering and art education are driven by the same desire: the desire to discover the intricacies and beauty in one’s world and chosen work. Furthermore, Art is also integrated into technologies such as engineering in the “form and function” debate. Does form follow function or does function follow form? Either way the two are fundamentally linked. Cars are a perfect example: From the Model-T Ford to the latest concept car, we have seen that the evolution of technology is as much about aesthetics (form) of the product as it is about functionality.

Many of the fundamental concepts of form and function are the same. Line, shape, color, structure/function relationships as well as perspective, patterning, and sequencing are the language of art and science education. Students create “an artistic representation of their ideas and solutions is a valuable way to make learning personal. This allows for a clear understanding of the underpinnings of science principles and how these principles can be extrapolated to solve existing problems. It has been proven that students who previously had difficulty in STEM classes are picking up STEAM quickly!

HUD and Flat Panel Display Automotive Dashboard Personal Configuration Theory

Although it doesn’t seem to be evolving very fast, automotive technologies available to the public actually are. That’s a good thing, and it is a shame when some industries stop rapid innovation, as it is the consumer that is hurt. Now some might argue that when technology in any sector slows just slightly, that this is better as consumers adopt the new and adjust for it, which also allows companies to make a profit on their R&D without being leap-frogged prior to recouping that upfront investment.

Now then, there are many new auto tech innovations coming forth, and I am sure you are aware of the Google Autonomous car, self-parallel parking Lexus, and all the hybrid new models coming out each year. Indeed, I am sure you’ve watched how the modern day automobile is able to interact with your smart phone and personal tech devices, allowing hands-free driving, along with all the GPS type features and interactivity; but there is still more.

In fact, there was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal on February 13, 2013 titled; “Five New Technologies to Make Driving Easier,” by Joseph B. White, which listed a click-able activated inflatable seat belt, flat panel display customization, ultra-efficient 10-gear transmissions, and autonomous vehicle systems. I’d like to discuss the issues concerning the concept of HUD and Flat Panel Displays for automobiles for a moment, as this is something that is now becoming available on the “new Lexis IS F-Sport model,” according to the article.

It turns out that the US Navy had done early research into what they call the “T” formation for dashboard instruments in the cockpit as to not distract the pilot and allow everything the needed to really know in a tight little area, with all the other instruments elsewhere, but always the “T” formation with such things as the airspeed, altimeter, artificial horizon, climb indicator, and the rudder ball. Perhaps, this is the ancient beginnings of the common cockpit theory now being promoted by NASA, the FAA, and military – which is a worthy idea no doubt – all aircraft would have nearly identical configurations.

Of course, if each person can customize the instruments on their flat panel display dashboard, just as you customize your computers desktop, then how will others who borrow the car deal with it, and how will people who rent cars deal with the differences, and will they have to reconfigure the rent-a-car before they start so everything is where they are used to it being located? You see, the US Navy, FAA, and years of research had gone into all this for the most efficient position of each instrument. Car designers also try to keep it simple for less distraction.

Yes, some people think differently, but how can each person have all the research background to know the safest and most efficient place to put each gauge if they are to reconfigure the placement themselves?

If it’s done wrong that might cause a.5 of second delay, meaning they are looking at the dashboard longer, while traveling down the road, meaning less reaction time to something outside the vehicle meaning more accidents, which is akin to the distracted driver issues we are dealing with as people attempt to text message, put on lipstick, or read the paper while driving. Do you see that point as well? Please consider all this and think on it.