The Law of Attraction and Time-Compressed Energy

A popular but fallacious statement is that “knowledge is power.” In today’s 21st century world that statement is far from true. Knowledge is not power but only potential power, potential being the keyword, and until that potential power has been directed at something with a view to achieving an objective or adding value, it remains nothing but potential power.  

One of the most effective ways to increase the potential or possibility of something is to introduce the element of time. By reducing the amount of time it takes to do something, you are compressing the energy required to accomplish the task, thereby increasing its potential, just as in the analogy of knowledge. Perhaps the simplest way to explain this concept is; do more in less time.

Science has proven to us that absolutely everything in the universe, both tangible and intangible, is composed of energy, including the things or circumstances you are trying to attract into your life. And according to the workings of the law of attraction, things, or for the purpose of this discussion, ‘energies’ of similar a similar nature or vibration are invariably attracted to each other in due time. This therefore goes to reason that in order to have a similar thing or energy to the desire you hold in your mind be attracted to you in a shorter span of time, you have to compress this energy, which your desire is composed of, into a .

Let’s see a few examples that might help you understand the concept of time compressed energy. Take traveling in a car for instance. When traveling in a car and you increase acceleration, what happens? You decrease the time it takes to get to your destination. So if your ‘destination’ is buying a car, passing your exam, increasing your income, improving your health, etc, one way to get to your destination quicker is to do more of the thing, which is the cause, that leads to getting you to your destination, which is the effect, in a shorter period of time.

One last example; If you take a rock and put it under a tap and let water drip onto the rock little by little, you will find that eventually the rock will likely see some wear over the course of very long period of time, perhaps even years. However, take that same amount of water and apply high pressure as from a tap or a hose and direct it at the same rock and you will most likely shatter or dissolve the rock at a much faster rate, perhaps days or weeks. This is what energy compressed into time does.  

Now regarding the law of attraction and manifesting your intentions using time-compressed energy, if you expend 1 part mental energy for 30 days you will have 30 parts energy over 30 days correct? Now the concept of time-compressed energy will instead tell you to expend 10 parts energy on your desire over 3 days. In both cases, you will have expended 30 parts energy on your desire, but as you have seen from our previous examples, you will very likely see quicker results when you introduce the concept of time-compressed energy.  

This concept of time compressed energy is gotten from the field of quantum physics and I encourage you to read more on the subject to deepen your understanding. But know without a shadow of a doubt that this concept will greatly and exponentially increase and strengthen your practice of the law of attraction.