Half Water Half Gas – What is the Big Idea Here?

A lot of newsprint and Internet bytes have been already spent on promoting the Half Water Half Gas concept and a lot of people are already reaping the profits of this improved technology. Yes, the concept is what it appears to be from its name – this is a way of replacing half of the gas you use in your vehicles with water. Instead of using a complete gas source for vehicles, Half Water Half Gas tells you how you can use water partly for the energy required to drive the engine.

The benefits of such a technology are quite clear for everyone to see. First off, you can save a great amount on fuel, the prices of which are hitting the highest roofs already. Secondly, using half water to drive the engine, pollution is being cut down immensely. Gas gives off the poisonous carbon monoxide in the environment, which will be highly reduced if the Half Water Half Gas concept is implemented.

People have a notion that water is not powerful enough to drive a vehicle. But this is definitely not true with the Half Water Half Gas concept. Since all of the gas is not replaced, the power is good enough. And the very idea that water is a powerless source of energy is absurd. What the Half Water Half Gas idea does is to convert water into a gas known as HHO (2 parts of hydrogen and 1 part of oxygen). The driving power here is of the hydrogen. Hydrogen is an immensely powerful fuel (everyone has heard of the hydrogen fusion bomb) and this is the great power that is unleashed by this concept. It is correct to say that even if the entire energy source was replaced with water, it would be a very powerful engine.

Hydrogen cannot be used in vehicles in its pure form. This is because it is a highly explosive gas. But the Half Water Half Gas idea uses hydrogen in the form of water and only splits it when required. In that manner, the hydrogen is released only in the quantity that is required for its combustion and hence providing energy. By the way, when the HHO condenses, it again becomes harmless water!

The concept is quite solid and it has proven its worth in thousands of vehicles around the world already. The internal combustion industry is trying to shut up the entire concept of replacing conventional fuels with water because it could mean billions of dollars of losses to them. But, by the means of the Internet, this simple DIY concept is reaching out to the common man, probably bettering millions of lives and the world at large in the process.