Some Easy Functions Of The Hydraulic Car Lifts

Hydraulic car lifts make life easy for those who have a special love for their “wheels”, since they fancy having more than one car in the garage. Are you wondering about the role hydraulic systems plays in fulfilling their fancy? Guys who cannot settle down with just one car face the problem of inadequate space. To solve their problem these lifts come in handy. All you need to do is install them and keep adding the “wheels” in your garage.

The Designs Available in Hydraulic Car Lifts

The most common designs are:

  • The two-post and the four-post lifts have arms that stretch underneath the car to raise the car at a suspended height. This mechanism not only increases the parking space that is available but also helps in any kind of repair work that you need to do. For those with a love for their automobiles, repairing it gives them a high that is beyond taking the car to the mechanic. If you wish to repair your car, then getting either the two-post or the four-post is a must.
  • The “drive-on” lift is another kind that is equally common. In this case, the car rests on top of the solid metal racks before it gets suspended. In spite of the popularity that this design boasts of, the procedure remains at par with the fundamental working mechanism of the hydraulic systems.

These are some of the most common designs and more so because of the growing popularity it received over time.

How Does the Hydraulic Car Lifts Function?

Do you know the working concept of the hydraulic system? Apply force to the liquid which is in one place, the pressure automatically gets transmitted within the system and puts a powerful impact in another place. Using this basic principle, the car lifts manage to keep the vehicles at a suspended height. The best thing about this mechanism is that the hydraulic fluid does not get compressed irrespective of the pressure you exert. Instead of that, the liquid carefully flows within the system and pushes the cylinder to raise the car to an elevated height.

They also use the air compressor and sometimes even the electric motor. Irrespective of the kind of lift people use, the fundamental working principle remains the same.

The Benefits of Having a Hydraulic Car lift

These lifts make room for more than one car in your garage that has the problem of limited space. So, if you are planning to get more, then the first thing you need to do is install them. Manage the problem of space crunch first and then fulfill your fetish of adding cars in your garage.

Nissan 370Z LED Rear Fog Lights

For the longest time, the concept of having an affordable sports performance coupe was practically unheard of, as these types of vehicles commanded the highest price tags that only few could afford. During the 1960s, Nissan was still a fledgling Japanese automaker who did not have much when it came to competition with the other auto giants like Toyota and Honda. It was then that developed the Z-car, which was a high performance sports coupe with a very affordable price tag.

The Z-car, also known as the Fairlady Z, has evolved since its inception into one of the most popular cars on the road today. This sports coupe is now in its sixth generation and still going strong, with many people opting for this car because of its relatively affordable price, performance ability, and sleek design. This generation is known as the 370Z with an aggressive body and fitment, proving to be very popular among the younger generation of drivers. Because of this, the 370Z is part of the JDM Movement, where Japanese cars are modified so that they have different stylistic features and fitment characteristics than what you would find in stock factory cars.

The 370Z is like an artist’s canvas, as there are tons of modifications that can be done to make this vehicle look as unique as possible. Owners have a huge range of possible products they can choose to make their Z-car more unique, from new body kits to wheels and all the way to lighting apparatuses. One interesting body style of the factory 370Z is the square shaped rear reflector. For a car that practically has everything, like stylistic and performance upgrades, it seems like the manufacturers forgot all about the rear reflector, since it’s just a red plastic piece with nothing in it at all.

Fortunately, there is something called the LED rear fog light for the Nissan 370Z that exists out there that completely transforms that lackluster reflector into something unique. The LEDs inside the assembly can flawlessly transition from tail lights, brake lights, and even reverse lights with the slight tap of your pedals or the shifter. While this LED set is still a relatively well kept secret among 370Z owners, it seems that more and more people are discovering this setup so to make their sports cars look different from everyone else’s cars on the road.

While Nissan is a common sight to see on the road, it’s actually becoming quite popular to have people modify their cars so that the vehicle has a more personal touch. Next time you are out on the road, you can try to spot as many modified cars as you can.

WorldSpace Dies a Quiet Death in India

Indian section of WorldSpace radio is heading for a quiet demise at the end of this year. Subscribers have been left high and dry! The good days of advertisement free radio are gone! So what went wrong? Why has WorldSpace generally gone from a great concept to a broke company?

The foremost reason is the exclusive device which was a necessary ingredient in their service. This device was unusable with any other service and rarely had any other peripheral uses other than listening to music. Their was no bundled mp3 capability, no FM capability and no video capability. So the device was just that – a WorldSpace device. This made the customer wary of his future with the service. You see the big selling point of any product in India is multi-functionality. People like their gadgets to do “everything”, even if that means having three instances of the same service/function in different devices. The concept a “device only for WorldSpace” was a difficult idea to sell to the average customer.

The second reason was the “directional antenna”. Any other radio like FM or AM did not need a radio hanging outside your window! The antenna system also made it impossible to carry it conveniently in a car. People are rarely listening to music except in the car. That is because they spend the better part of their days sitting in a car waiting for the daily traffic jam to ease! No car capability made WorldSpace a difficult choice for the average buyer.

The third reason was competition from FM ad-supported stations. FM works from the word go in your car. It does not need special “installations” and they keep playing the same “hot” tunes throughout the day. Their idea is the catch various drivers in their cars. In fact a lot of programming content on FM is directed squarely at the average driver.

Thanks to these important details, WorldSpace has breathed its last on Indian soil. There have been many lovers of their service in the short time that they were here. But they failed to capitalize on their initial gains. Hopefully alternative services will spring up to fill the void.